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i just watch you on super dave show 2014,21,10 month really cool
Hi Lori: I have been a fan of Rita Chiarelli for many many years and never miss her gigs when she's here at the Dream Cafe in Penticton! Today I heard her on CBC "My Playlist" and she included your FAB song Fire and Gasoline...I went to itunes and bought your Minerva album...just love your voice and your energy...is there any way to get the chords and/or lyrics to your songs? We are NOT pros but we get together with guitars and ukes and sing fun songs...now we'd like to sing YOURS! If you thinking of coming west let me know...perhaps you and Pierre can work it out so that you could play The Dream! Lone Jones
I'm wanting your cd with "promises promises" and would love to have your cd with that song on it - how can I find one?
Ya Lori the show @ the Pearl was awsome...i had asked an old freind about you from back in the days of Dufferin & Wilson..1974-5 Dennis Good is my buddy..he said you where a singer (Folk) he said but you are much more then folk..real funny aswell great to here you sing with-out a mike that was great aswell...see ya soon Ron
Congratulations on all your successes, your intrepidness, creative words/voice/presentation (you had all of these things in school in Downsview...), experiential perceptions (I still have a few of your poems); hell, congrats on all things that make you an exciting, sensual, fun, YOU
Thanks for being so nice to me, I will always remember your kindness
Lori I had a great time last Saturday. You and band, all bands were a lot of fun. Thanks for the cd, that was very nice. It's a great cd.
I love your photos! When will u upload some new? http://gratis-spil.nu
Great music Lori! Amazing voice you have :) Cheers Dan from todaystoronto.com
i seen you for the first time a few years back with Tom Wilson,you are an amazing singer,love you
hey, lori, was thinking of you, looked u up on line...we're thrilled with your success and would love to know when you're playing closer to home-we're in oshawa now!! with 2 kids, 4 game systems, and some of your windows in my living room...hope all is well, the new music is beyond awesome..looks good on you girl! drop a line,when u can. hugs kathryn
TOTALLY terrific seeing you a couplea weeks ago, Lori, and catching up- at the Hamilton Music Festival. Would love to grabba java and share some more! Feel free ta give me a call at 416-693-8391. Cheers, "Dougley"
Hi Lori. Saw you for the first time at the Harvest Picnic and you were great! Then i was packing up my things at the cottage up north last weekend and low and behold they were playing "Breaking out of Mommy Jail" on CBC Radio!! What a way to wrap up the weekend! Great stuff. Hope to see you again soon.
I've loved you for a long time, you can wipe the floor with me...please! When is your next gig?
Love your work on Forever Knight!! Your incredible voice & talent really set the tone for the series. Love your dark & brooding Dark Side of the Glass & Fan Kill made Rebecca a legend but it should have been you! Thanks for sharing your gift!
Hi Lori I just became aware of your music. I'm hoping to get out to The Dakota to hear you this week. Well I just thought I'd say hello. That's the risk you take when you let people leave comments.Take care Lori. All the best.
Hey lori, glad to see your still doing the circuit. I don'nt know if you remember me. I used to go with Jill Goldie, back in early 80's. I went and saw you play some gigs in orangeville, Toronto. I came a cross one of your cd's in a used record/cd shop in vancouver about 5 years ago. It was great. hav'nt listened to it for a while white cover with you on it in a baby blue colour. I will look for it. and listen to it again. Do you have any dates coming up for bc? Love to hear from you. Boy I sure miss the T.O. night life. Been in bc since 93. chat soon David Kennedy
your music is great ..
I love the "Spirit and Artistry" of You Lori! Thank You!
Hey Lori It's Been Awhile Since I Been To One Of Your Shows When Are You Playing In Toronto
have been playing Lori’s album untogether for a few years unaware that she is a local singer. duh Must make to a show
lori,s singing of rebel rebel on the hey stella albuum is truleyan awsome work of art........her voicejust makes me melt
hi lori; as usual the camera loves you. it was nice seeing at least a photo of you. Love forrest
Hey Lori, I Sang a Couple of Your Old Rang Tango Songs the Other Night to a Enthusiastic Audience, They Knew Who You Are and had Never Those Songs Before. " Red Roses " and " Last Stop " Thankx, Your Pal and Buddy. RGB
Hi just checking to see when you are playing and see it is friday at mitzi see you there Ted
Awesome show last nite at the Art Centre!!!
Hey Lori SO great to connect with you all the way across the country in the northland. Hope you got home safe, thanks for the great tunes and your beautiful if not slightly demented presence...xoxoKristina
see you in the yukon
Hey Lori... Shucks I dont know how often you read this guest book of yours... but thanks for the CD...and thank you for playing at my grandparents 50 anniversary last night... I'm now slightly obsessed with that song of yours "Simcoe" You rock
Hello Lori, I have been searching for a song I believe you wrote about Handsome Ned. Rebel Angel? Can you please tell me how I can get an MP3 of that? I would alos like the tabs so I can learn it. Thanks Bill Pollock
"Simcoe", one of the finest songs I have ever heard. what an awe inspiring, heartbreaking beautiful voice.............
Happened to catch Melissa McClelland in Burk's Falls this last Saturday and found myself thinking of you. I suppose you've met. Hope all is well in Hamilton as it is in Huntsville. PS belated congrats on your song writing award in Hamilton!
Lori, it was my great pleasure to meet you and see you perform at the Canterbury Folk Festival last weekend. Thanks for signing 'The Book of Minerva' for me. The CD blows me away. Great sound and storytelling! Hope to hear and see more of you soon on the road of life....take er easy...gjm from your old town the 'SHWA'.
Hi Lori We have never met and I could not make it to Sunderland recently (living here in Timmins)but my cousin Pam who was there, today sent me the link to your great site. It is a true pleasure to connect with you if even through e-mail and I do hope that you can still connect with others in the "P" family. All the best! Marty
Hi: Lori Thanks for the heads-up on the gig this past weekend but we were at a family reunion in Wainfleet on the good old Feeder Rd. Would love to have seen you and the gang, would have been worth the 6 hr drive. Please say Hi to David, Basil, and Michele. When you coming to play in the north, say Manitoulin Island. They started Manitoulin Country Fest II www.theislandfm.com (local country station)or 1-888-657-1350 So sorry we missed you, like the days of sitting on the sofa and listening to you perform at Readers visiting and chatting between sets Love ya miss ya Bear & Laura
Hi Lori, My cubicle neighbour Lori Dewar (formerly Lori Hughes, formerly Lori Lucas) (aka, your cousin) was just telling me all about you. Great sounding stuff. All the best. Oh ya, Lori says hi. Brian
Hi Lori, Well tonight my husband and I were out for supper. On the TV was the rerun of the show Super Dave Osbourn and you were the feature performer. We took note of your name to see if you were still performing and found this website. Just wanted to tell you that. Hopefully we can see you perform. Are you ever in the Kitchener-Waterloo area? Cheers! Pam
Lori, we love The Book of Minverva. It has a beautiful sound and the songs are so strong. Keep on recording - don't ever stop! L&L
I'm pretty sure you went to Anthony Road Public School. You have a wonderful voice!
Great Music ! Great site Lori. Glad to have you as a musical friend ! Beautiful things to you Mike Offord
So great to meet you! The whole family was thrilled! Please keep in touch. A posse of Pilkingtons would like to catch a gig! cheers, Pam
Note slight change to name; my visit to Mexico has lowered my profile somewhat. Took Minerva to San Miguel De Allende Mexico.Simcoe competing with roosters and VW Bugs, and you won! Best of luck, Landscraper( ouch) Ted
Stelllllaaaaa!!!! whats gotten into you? you don't come round no more....
WOW....what an awesome sound....I came across you because you have the same name as my sister and listened to you and you have a georgous voice. Love it !!!
heard you for first time on next of kin. BLOWN away ,,what an amazing voice ,,now looking for more songs,, AWESOME
trying and trying to get a song of yours promises,promises my mother inlaw had the song is is dieing to get it back and can't find out how or where, trying to help her out and make her the happyest mother out there please someone help me find this song
http://www.teknopasaj.com LUV President, Lori Yates Fan Club!
Hi Lori, met you and that very fine geetar player David at the London Music Club last night.Enjoyed your show and especially your great vocals and David's slide.The cd is great, especially Simcoe , Mommy Jail and Maria. Next week I am making my annual visit to San Miguel De Allende Mexico, where my daughter Celeste is a school teacher, and my grandaughter Sapphire is the Jewel of central Mexico. Lori, I know you like a good family story, so here is Celeste's, the daughter who just did not listen and did her own thing ( sound familiar Girl?). One day when Celeste was about 4 years old and having a problem with wetting the bed, she came downstairs and Daddy picked her up. I said " Celeste,your Pajamas are a little bit wet"; without any hesitation, Celeste said, " yes Daddy , but they are a little bit dry" For the next 20 years she continued to tell me a little bit of the truth; a song title? Best of luck,If you are out ramblin', I live in Nairn, right next to the pioneer Scottish cemetary, and my neighbours are usually quiet. Landscaper Ted
hi lor
Hey Lori!!! I've been a big fan ever since the first record - kinda lost track of what you've been up to, then discovered your website!!! So glad you're still making music and performing!!! I can't wait to get my hands on the Minerva disc!!! Keep well!!!
Lori are you playing in Hamilton this Valetine weekend? Bear would love to see you play, he's in a pool tounament at copps
Hello Lori, Great site you have here, I am in Alberta working for the winter, hopefully I will get to see you next time I stop in Hamilton, luv ya Barney
Hi Lori Just heard you on CBC this afternoon and loved your music. Are you planning any shows in eastern Ontario, Kingston in particular, this year? Thanks. Gayle
Hello Lori haven't seen nor talk to you in a long time, just dropping you a line to say hello.Glad to see you are playing drop me a line next time you are you are out west.I have a a little band called Road Trip. Take care Pat
Nice site. I'll happily sign your guestbook. :)
You bring me to my knees Lori. I love the record and I love you! LUV President, Lori Yates Fan Club!
Love The site and the tunes. I would not have thought that you would sound like you do. I know that sounds wierd. I realy like the songs i have sampled
The Book of Minerva is loading up from iTunes as I type. Guess that's what I'll be listening to next. Thanks for all the terrific music, Lori (and for filling in for Ned on the Honk Tonk Hardwood Floor Show from time to time). Cheers, David
Hi Lori, Just heard your song "Simcoe" on CBC. It brought back a lot of memories of when I was the farmer's daughter and we boarded tobacco pickers, not in Simcoe, but Waterford. You must be a Norfolk County native, your song rang true! Eve
Hey Lori. I'm listening to Book of Minerva... what a fucking brilliant record! Great songs...your voice just melts me. You've created a timeless piece of art...congrats and thanks! PEACE.
Hey Lori ... heard you on Fuse last Saturday as I was driving into Ottawa ... had to Goggle you and see what you are up to ... so glad you are still active! Oh yes ... congratulations about the childrens ... Later ... Donald
yori, you kicked ass on friday night. you blew everyone away!! and you looked fanfuckingtastic! i hope you saw your "trading card" in the NOW and also the review of simcoe in saturday's star. next stop massey hall? love ros
Just heard the CBC Radio 2 program "Fuse" with Wendy McNeill & David Baxter. Remarkable collaboration. I'm listening to MP3 of "Simcoe" for 3rd or 4th time, picking along (Key of B) with the lead. Beautiful. Thank you.
Lori: I just happened to turn on CBC Radio this afternoon and heard most of the show with you, Wendy and David. Delightful and I'm pleased to be introduced to you and your music. I am a big fan of Rick Danko and I knew that I was going to like "Simco" even before you started playing. Come to Windsor or Detroit for a show sometime! Best Regards. Bruce in Rochester Hills, Michigan
You'd a done ole gunt Leonard proud last night - you got some Montreal, Jewish guilt-ridden man, suffering from a love/hate relationship with Ma, gospel in ya, girl! I am envisioning a blues/gospel CD as your next venture - cause why not cover all the genres not played on popular, i.e. ridiculously banal, radio. Tingles, shivers, tears - it's kinda neat to have a friend who's so fucking talented. Kudos, bravo, and endless accolades - you make we mere mortals humble in your presence.
Lori, Last night at The Cameron House was amazing...it's weird, I've heard you sing a couple of lines of a song while at work, but last night seeing and hearing you, I was blown away. I'm listening to Minerva right now - and I'm keeping Babydoll in mind for a time when I need a good cry...stunning! See you!
Estupendo dúo con Gregg Allman en Brother to Brother de la cinta Next of kin. Deliciosa voz la suya Miss Yates. Felicidades
thank you for being the haunting voice behind the realm of Forever Knight
Lori, thanks for your email from a couple of weeks ago. I have been away "bluegrassing" and not plugged in. I love your latest CD, which I found on CDBaby. All the cuts!! I have it nearly worn out. Of all the female vocalists I have in my collection, from Nora Jones to Laurie Lewis/etc. you are in #2 spot, second only to Emmy Lou Harris, and I may soon move you to #1!! Hope to meet you someday, Lloyd
lori, i can't stop listening to your cd. your voice on some of those tracks makes the little hairs on the back of my neck stand on end...you rock cheers from your psychic tea leaf reader!!
Hi lori remember us Edith,Evelyn and Ingrid from Downsview. Ingrid told us to googel you, all the best!
some things never change / still love ya just kidding / keep on rocking
Hey Lori, I'm not sure if you remember me but I used to live with Stan from the Last Resorts. You were out with me the night I met my current husband Gordon at The Beverly Hotel approx. 25 yrs. ago. We're still together and have 2 sons. If you ever come to Ottawa or the Black Sheep Inn in Wakefield I'd love to see you again. You always had an amazing voice and still do. I'm still a big fan. Jeannie
Hey Lori... Lou here Minerva is fucking amazing! I have been playing it a lot on my radio show, plus Ms. Buckshot and I spin it all the time at home and at work. Congrats, you cool chickie! Lou
Screw Georg's veggie analogy - the CD is a filet mignon and lobster dinner...with Marat Safin! Love it, love it, love it - especially "You and Me Maria". Let's get the ninjas together soon.
Loving the new record. As you know country/roots/whatever music is not something I came to on my own. I feel like a child growing up to find hey, those vegetables aren't so bad after all. Thanks for opening my ears.
Hi Lori Just saying Hi have a great day
When is CD release for the new album?????? I'm dying to hear it and you!!!
Hello, I am looking for lu lu latrec? Deja Vu, Mig and I were just talking about Steve....hope things are cool with life and the whole famn damily. Look out, here comes Victor Salas and The Millstones....you're a 'little wild one!' Peace out.
Hi Lori! It was great to discover your website. I discovered you from "Forever Knight", and was surprised that your roots and branches were in country! That's OK though because I've since discovered "Hey Stella!", "Untogether" and "Breaking Point". Thanks again, especially for lending your voice to "Forever Knight"!
Miss Lori: Glad to know you still perform.I saw your old school Columbia 45 image on yahoo image search and wander was this the US or Canadian version?Hope you're on myspace! Take Care!
Heyy I Met You before at readers cafe Remember when we met and we talked about everything well thats me holley Your Kid Fan Lol. Holley By The Way Check Out My Site Luv Yours -Holle¥<333
I don t Know if you read this, but i still got you re song in my head (hart in a suitcase)You can t stop the girl... I lost this album and i can t find one ?? I m proud to know you re singing again you got a wonderfull voice... hope to see you near montreal... I m your fan.
Hi Lori Just wanted to drop in and say hello and good luck on the new cd.I hope everything is going great for you and you have time to give the danelectro a good play.If you feel like talking guitars give me a call 905 659 4900. My new hoby is changing all my bridge pins for fossil mamoth ivory.....what a warm sound they give. p.s. love the site...kudoes to your webmaster...b4n Steve
Will the real Lori Yates please stand up? Ah, there you are. Wonderful. Just like fire and gasoline, Domenic.
howahyahdune Lori plzd t meetcha @ th OCFF lost ya in the smoke and then in the shuffle saw your shadow in the bluegrass jam room then U wuz gone.. hope we meet again ohm aut rD
Great to meet up with you Lori at the Ont Folk Fest. I passed your meaage along to Larry ( editor ) CMN. Looking forward to some new tracks ASAP. Drumdee #;o)>
Lori, Phil, Laurie, Parkdale Richard and I bumped into you and Rae at the Festival of Friends. I was a member of Steppingstones. I just wanted to say hello, maybe get together (do lunch, or a coffee, or attend a meeting). If at all possible, I would like to get in touch with Rae: she also seems like an interesting person. Call me (905-545-2991) or email me at this address. Hope to hear from you soon. Tom
I love you lori
Lori: I just saw a classic 45 of yours issued in 1980's on Columbia,called"Promises,Promises" Would this be on a myspace site? You really Kick! Listen to RCI in Montreal,Sixty years as the Voice of Canada!