Stuck for a unique gift this season? Tired of giving the same old socks, underwear and bonbons for Christmas? How about giving a song written and recorded by you? What better way to make this holiday season a memorable one than gifting your loved one with an original song!

I will happily guide you in chord structure, lyric writing, key, tempo etc. Your song can be sweet, silly, sarcastic, or downright saucy! I will help you start and finish that gem. Any way this will be a sensational gift! We will spend a couple of hours writing together at my studio on James St. North, or on Skype if thats more convenient. Once the song is written, you'll have the option of heading over to the studio to record it, so you'll have a "hard copy" that you can wrap up with a bow and put under the tree! Affordable, unique and fun!

Three hour slots available. Guitar, amp & keyboard available to use if needed.

For available dates & pricing: